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M.t Everest Expedition 70 Days

M.t Everest Expedition 70 Days

Mount Everest Expedition is the lifetime experience for any climbers. Climb to the top of the world following most popular south route from Nepal side.

Mount Everest is highest peak in the world with altitude of 8848 meters.  Mount Everest was first climbed by Tenzin Norgay and Edmond Hillary in 1953. This successful summit ascend has been considered one of the greatest achievements in Mountaineering.

Everest has been always a premier choice for any keen mountaineer. Mount Everest Expeditions encounter many seen and unseen obstacles. High altitude, harsh weather conditions and even sheer exhaustion are the major factors.

We offer Mount Everest Expedition packages with best cost. We provide experience climbing crew to ensure high level of safety aspects during climb.

Trip Overview

  1. Reach Top of the world with sheer height of 8848 meters
  2. 70 days itinerary includes arrangements in Kathmandu, trek to base camp and expedition duration with ample of acclimatization process
  3. Experience climbing arrangements with Climbing guide, assistance and crew
  4. All permit work and equipment available
  5. Enjoy fascinating vistas and landscape
  6. Witness colorful traditions, rituals and culture of Sherpa known for fearless climbing experience and records

Best Season:-

The spring season of March to May is considered the best time for Everest expedition. Spring is also the most popular season for the expedition. The months of April and May and then again October and November are the classic climbing period. The summer months of monsoon rains and the winter months from December to February are the most unfavorable time for Everest Expedition.

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